Carbon Rides

We live to ride. We cycle every Friday morning and there are many cycling activities in and around Qatar with a various range of challenges and abilities from beginners to advanced riders, from charity events and to championships you can take part in. Rides are designed for beginners, average fitness riders, up to more challenging routes to appeal to the more dedicated cyclist. You can pedal through challenging and fun scenery on our suggested routes. Follow our posts on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter or simply email us for more information.

Qatar Cycling Federation


The Qatar Cycling Federation aims to develop the sport of cycling in Qatar. Tasked with not only developing the national team of Qatar in both men and women’s road cycling, the QCF also organizes events and activities to promote the sport. For more about the Qatar Cycling Federation


Tour of Qatar

The Tour of Qatar is the annual professional road bicycle racing stage race held here in Qatar. Since its establishment in 2002, the tour has been part of the UCI Asia Tour. The tour consists of a men’s competition over six stages, and a women’s competition over four stages. Since our terrain is mostly flat, you will see the tour is almost always won by a sprint or classics specialist.

You can join us and other cyclists in Qatar on the Tour of Qatar by participating in the last stage of the tour from Doha to Sealine and back. This is your chance to ride the last stage of the tour and finish just before the pros arrive at the finish line! It’s both exciting and fun with 120km covered on the day.

Tour of Al Zubarah

Inaugurated in December 2013, the Tour of Zubarah was organized by the Qatar Cycling Federation to  promote and appreciate the country’s heritage. Al Zubarah cycling race is dedicated to Al Zubarah, which has been designated as a UNESCO world heritage site. Al Zubarah was one of the main centres of pearl trade, the main source of income in the Gulf region in the 18th and 19th century.

The town offers an outstanding testimony to an urban trading and pearl diving tradition, which sustained the region’s major coastal towns and led to the development of Qatar. The Tour of Zubarah is approximately 450 kilometers long and consists of 4 stages. Labelled a 2.2 level tour by the UCI, the event attracted 14 teams in 2013.

Cycling for Charity

Carbon Wheels founders are not only avid cyclists, but they also cyclists on a mission. The Qatar Sandstormers, Qatar’s only charity cycling team, is led by Marouf and since 2012 has raised over QAR 700k for charity.

Partnering with Sheikh Eid Charity Association, the Qatar Sandstormers have grown from a team of 9 cyclists to over 18 from 11 different nationalities. You can follow their journey on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. For more information on the Qatar Sandstormers and joining their mission, you can email [email protected]