Bike Fit

At Carbon Wheels, we are serious about cycling and we want to nurture a cycling culture that will inspire a passion for the sport. But we can only achieve that if our customers are happy when cycling. And that means that they have received the best service possible in selecting their bike as well as feeling good on their bikes. A bike fit is essential in ensuring that customers have selected the right frame and geometry for their body type and then positioned properly on their bikes to ensure a comfortable and injury-free ride.

A bike fit that is done properly will ensure that the correct frame size is selected, is right for the geometry of the rider, adjusted for his/her dimensions and body type as well as considering their level of fitness, flexibility and the type of rides they plan on taking.

We have teamed up with Retül to provide our customers the best technology, training and experience to ensure a proper bike fit.

Retül tools, technology and methodology are built on three foundations that result in the application of accurate, objective and comprehensive bike fit data to a rider’s position on the bike:

Biomechanics are Best Assessed in 3D Space

Fit data collected in a traditional two-dimensional plane (such as video) is fairly limited because the fitter has to isolate a single view at a time. In order to see how all of the applicable movements of the body are working together, the frontal and sagittal planes of a rider should be viewed as interdependent reference points. Retül’s motion sensors simultaneously gather data on multiple angles of the rider in three dimensions so a fitter can not only see measurements such as knee and hip angles, but also lateral knee tracking and hip lateral travel.








Measurement Accuracy is Vital

Slight inaccuracies (the difference of millimeters) can drastically change a rider’s feel after a ride. The Retül system is accurate to within less than a millimeter, creating true objective data which can be utilized by the fitter for the perfect biomechanical fit. Small adjustments can make a big difference in alleviating back, knee or neck pain, and those adjustments will improve a rider’s performance.

Dynamic fitting is the most realistic

Using motion capture technology, Retül records a rider’s position while he or she is in motion; therefore, creating the most realistic picture of the rider’s actual pedal strokes and body positions when out on the road and trails. Riding a bike is different than sitting on a bike, and capturing data dynamically presents a clearer and more accurate picture of a rider’s movements.

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Shoe Fitting

Buying the right shoe is not only about style and design, you need to ensure that the shoe you are wearing is comfortable so that your long rides are not painful and that your riding experience is enhanced. Getting a proper shoe fit is important so that you do not experience any pinching, numbness or soreness after a ride. Our bike fit experts will ensure that you have the most comfortable bike experience out there.


So you’ve just bought your bike… taken it out on the road and had a great ride… All in top form, but did you know that you have to keep your bike in good form and maintain it regularly to prevent mechanical issues?

At Carbon Wheels, we not only sell you bikes, but we will also provide you with a dedicated team of professional mechanics and technicians who will make sure that your bike stays in top shape. While there is basic maintenance you can do at home, sometimes you need the doctor to have a look! For basic home maintenance and cleaning, we stock FinishLine products. For more information about FinishLine, please click here.

Qatar, just like most of the GCC is very hot and humid. Prone to dust storms and weather that will undoubtedly create unnecessary corrosion and wear and tear on your bike. We offer several types of maintenance packages depending on the level of work your bike needs.




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When you bring in your bike for us to look at, we will assess whether it’s a small issue that can be resolved on the spot while you wait. For any serious issues or if you have selected one of our maintenance packages, you will have to leave your bike with us. You can also call us to arrange for an appointment. Once you bring in your bike, our professional technicians will inspect your bike. If we discover that your bike will require any replacement of parts or additional time in service, we will contact you to inform you and to request your approval on any additional charges.

We are happy to service all customers, all bike brands, components, etc. We are also pleased to offer customers, who have purchased their bikes from us, special VIP rates at our Service Center We look forward to servicing you and making sure your riding experience in Qatar is enjoyable.


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